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How can colleges, universities, vocational schools and other educational facilities make the higher education experience more constructive and create better returns on a student’s investment? Our CBIG Student Analytics™ service is the answer, specifically designed for post-secondary schools that want to better understand and improve student performance as well as facilitate a more rewarding education relative to their student populations. In additon, our CBIG Student Analytics™ approach provides universities with reporting tools designed to achieve federally-mandated compliance with established IPEDS (Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System) survey standards, vastly improving post-secondary institutions’ ability to submit student data statistics to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), a division within the U.S. Department of Education.

With CBIG Student Analytics™ services, we’re helping higher education institutions evolve the means and methods by which they are able to track and assist students and student groups through a student-centric, focused approach that examines and integrates pertinent student background information with student surveys and census-driven data to discern patterns and derive actionable intelligence. Below are just some of the applicable business intelligence solutions we can offer colleges through our CBIG Student Analytics™ service:

  • Better basic student analytics and reporting processes; compliance with federal regulatory agencies
  • Matching student backgrounds with compatible educational programs to increase odds of success
  • Early detection and support protocols for underperforming students
  • Determining the course loads that can lead to student failure/underperformance
  • Applicable course recommendations based on student interests and strengths
  • Adapting teaching methods and materials more in line with student comprehension
  • Determining trends and patterns toward improving student life relative to social media, extracurricular programs, student organizations, and athletics
  • Spotting trends in application and acceptance statistics to make more accurate projections relative to future needs

Tracking student progress from initial application and acceptance through graduation, CBIG Student Analytics™ is CBIG’s best practices, scalable approach for universities committed to improving their analytic business processes toward helping students young and old discover their talents, acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success, and gain invaluable life experiences in a supportive environment.

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