Analytics that Transform Health Care Delivery

The health care and life science industries continue to evolve and grow, with particular regard to aging populations, new statutes governing health care availability for diverse groups, changes due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) mandate, and Medicare / Medicaid program revisions. These and other factors create a new challenge for health care organizations to create accurate delivery and reporting systems in an industry that is crucial to public health, safety and well-being.

CBIG helps managed care organizations and health care insurance carriers integrate, manage and distill analytics from massive volumes of data by performing assessments, strategic plans, and roadmaps through solution design, development, and delivery. This may include health care benefits or health care reporting to various agencies, including health care analytics companies, hospital systems, clinics, government agencies, disease state management, behavioral health organizations, and so many other areas of the health care and life sciences industries. CBIG Consulting works to integrate many disparate data sets, including but not limited to claims, diagnosis, procedures, coding and coding standardization, ICD-10 readiness, HL7, HIEs, and electronic health records.

CBIG also works with health care and life science enterprises to create reporting and analytics around subscribers, patients, compliance, performance, CRM, population health, fraud, disease state management, provider score cards, finance, clinical, administration, HIEs, Medicare/Medicaid, operations, and countless other areas.

In October, 2014 CBIG was named a Top 20 Most Promising Healthcare Technology Consulting Firm by CIO Reveiw.

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