Our BI and Big Data Projects are Entirely Results-driven

Through many years of experience we’ve honed an approach to consulting that has proven to be very effective. Our projects are entirely results-driven and iterative in nature to ensure that customers see results early and often. Many times we can begin delivering solution prototypes in just a few weeks.

Our consulting approach involves small, agile teams with senior staff who are multi-talented. When appropriate, we’ll bring focused skill-based developers to perform specific development activities, but we never throw a group of junior resources to clients.

This approach is all underpinned by our CBIG FrameworkTM, which has been refined over many years to provide maximum results with a minimum of overhead. While we can adapt to the processes of any client, we feel that an agile approach with multiple iterations is superior for Big Data and BI projects.

To ensure the methodology is adhered to, we use our custom designed and built BI project management software called FrogPoint®. This is a zero-footprint web-based application that is tailored to our BI and Big Data projects. For organizations that use Microsoft SharePoint, we have also ported the functionality to that platform. This type of software ensures that the process can be started right away and is sustainable and repeatable.

When you choose CBIG Consulting we guarantee that you’ll get results and that your expectations will be exceeded.


CBIG partners’ team-based model is all about knowledge sharing and promoting a collaborative atmosphere in which staff members learn from each other and develop skills that will best advance their professional careers.  Through CBIG Acadamy™, our consultants are trained on CBIG’s proprietary frameworks that are based on years of experience and field-tested iterations. In addition, all of our consultants have opportunities to work alongside and learn from CBIG’s managing Principals, who are among the most innovative thought leaders and leading-edge practitioners in the BI Industry today. No hierarchical pyramid structures or egos here.


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