Discover your Business Potential. Develop your business potential. Realize your business potential.

It sounds easy, but if it were really that simple, every business would try it. Now there’s a way you can. CBIG Discovery™ solutions were developed for those business executives who want to maximize the potential of their data assets in today’s highly competitive, data-driven marketplace. Your executive leaders can discover best-practice methods to improve your business.

Reach your Organization’s Full Potential — Achieve a 10:1 ROI or Greater

CBIG Discovery™ solutions concentrate on innovative business intelligence advancements in Marketing Analytics, Sales Analytics, Competitive Intelligence, Data Monetization and Predictive Analytics.


Why? Our ongoing, in-house data analysis has consistently verified that exploiting the business opportunities and data within these specific areas shows the most promise toward increasing growth and profitability for our customers, with gains often exceeding a 10:1 ROI.

Two Rapid-Return Options to Accelerate Your Success

Our CBIG Discovery™ solutions are packaged in two program configurations to meet your needs and resources:

  • CBIG Discovery™ Workshop
    An interactive, educational forum in which our management consultants help your executives discover high-return business and market opportunities. These workshops create the foundation for further business strategy/opportunity exploration.
  • CBIG Discovery™ Roadmap
    A collaborative process to help your management team identify — and then demonstrate through small, manageable use cases — transformative business strategies and roadmaps to achieve high-yield gains.

CBIG-ClearStrategyCBIG SureStrategy™ — A Proven Methodology that Delivers Measurable Results

Our CBIG Discovery™ solutions are based on our field-tested CBIG SureStrategy™, a four-step methodology to fully support your business in realizing its full potential with quantitative results.

Discover, Develop, and Build with Confidence

Our CBIG Discovery™ projects set the stage for larger, enterprise-wide initiatives. The goal is to make it considerably easier for your business to discover, develop and build complete life-cycle solutions within a supportive, educational environment that can be expanded for enterprise-wide use. Benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Your business can realize almost immediate incremental gains, in weeks not months.
  • Your potential ROI can reach a remarkable 10:1 gain. (Typical results based on recent data.)
  • Regardless of which Discovery service you choose, your team enjoys CBIG Executive involvement from start to finish. Your success is our success, and our Principals commit to hands-on roles for every project we undertake.
  • Our consulting approach provides iterative learning and our programs back it up with sustainable long-term solutions to help your business discover, develop and realize its business potential.

strategic-discovery-consultingThe Goal — Sustainable Solutions to Support your Long-Term Success

At CBIG, we believe the most effective projects have one thing in common — sustainability. Meaning, they provide lasting value by delivering incremental improvement and ongoing results. How do you achieve sustainability? With our cyclical project approach that is purpose-built to deliver strategies, standards, plans, measurement, reporting, learning, improvement, and accountability.

Why Choose CBIG?… We’re Different by Design.

Most consulting organizations have subject matter expertise in only one or two areas, such as management consulting, or systems delivery, or contractual data support services. Our experience has taught us that this “pass the baton” approach almost always dilutes clear strategies and puts the brakes on reaching full ROI gains.

By integrating the talents and expertise of all of CBIG’s professional and technical units, from Strategic Management and Data Systems Delivery teams to our Ongoing Managed Support Services, CBIG Discovery™ solutions offers something most consulting groups can’t — complete life cycle solutions.

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