Big Data Analytics Proof of Concept

This firm is a leading Internet site for residential real estate information. The web site contains millions of listings across the nation and offers a vast array of search criteria and educational resources to help consumers make informed living decisions that suit their individual needs. The firm is also a leading online display advertising resource for professional property management companies, private landlords and classified listings..

The Challenge
To maintain its status as the industry’s leading online real estate resource, this firm understood it needed to leverage insights from its web site visitor data stored in a data warehouse. This data included user search queries, search result impressions, and user requests for contact information, among others.

Due to the volume of the visitor data, this firm knew its existing technology platform could not yield analytics on user behavior trends, website optimization efforts, conversion of impressions based on refinement of search, online advertising performance and opportunities, and others. In short, the firm wanted to understand the full lifecycle of its web site visitors from initial search and impression to click-thru and identified lead. Additionally, the firm wished to empower their business users to generate analytics and visual representations of the data without having to rely on their IT department to perform costly, time consuming development work.

Methodology and Solution
In partnership with CBIG Consulting, the firm undertook a proof-of-concept initiative so it could quantify the business value they would achieve from a next generation Big Data analytics environment that included Hadoop, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Datameer. This required the team to develop a Big Data plan that would achieve the goals for five business use cases identified for the pilot project. The resulting strategy, technology platform and data architecture defined by the project team allowed the firm to leverage its existing technology investments while making use of new technologies to provide a cost-effective and highly scalable analytics program.

The firm immediately realized new insights and quantifiable benefits from the data. This allowed the firm to identify more than 20 additional business use cases for the next phase of the project.

Additioinally, with minimal training and the aid of simple point-and-click tools, the business users generated the analytics and rich graphic visualizations on their own.

Customer Profile
One of the nation’s largest resource for residential real estate information.


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