Design and Development of a Reporting and Analytical

This leading health care insurer realized that information is the cornerstone of its business. It needed to manage, integrate, supply, analyze and report on information efficiently and with flexibility in order to compete. In order to administer many of the newer planned products and services, the client needed to manage and understand its information.

The Challenge
The existing reporting and analytical environment presented many limitations and constraints in meeting the challenge. Some of the key obstacles included:

  • Multiple source systems for operational data
  • Pockets of similar data with inconsistent or incomplete information
  • Manually intensive processes to consolidate and create the client’s quarterly reports. These reports had been extremely effective for presentation and content but became a tremendous undertaking as the business grew and client demands became more frequent and robust
  • Time to market for quarterly reports was 45 days after quarter close, too slow for the client and for their customers
  • Customer demands for their reports and information in an electronic format with sophisticated analytical tools
  • An inability to analyze trends in the data to be proactive in education, product development, pricing, marketing, and sales
  • Difficulty to respond to proposals in a timely manner with accurate information
  • Reliance on outdated technology that was fast approaching limits of capacity and capabilities

Methodology and Solution
The experts from CBIG were selected to assist this company’s national operations in creating a data warehouse strategy, plan and architecture, as well as completing the entire data warehouse lifecycle of analysis, design, construction, implementation and roll-out of a data warehouse application. In order to meet the client’s aggressive growth projections, the warehouse was designed to meet the planned current and future product, customer, and market reporting and analytical needs. Successfully built, the data warehouse is now a cornerstone of the organization’s entire business process.

Customer Profile
The client is one of the fastest growing managed health care organizations in the world. The company is known as an innovator in management, delivery, and care management areas.

Business Situation
The customer required a reporting environment that could scale and grow with the ever-changing business needs of the organization.


  • Oracle
  • Information Advantage


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