Design and Development of a Loan Reporting and OLAP System

For one of the world’s leading financial services and securities firm’s commercial lending arm, CBIG assisted in the overall data and application architecture, design, and implementation of multiple data warehouse applications including a commercial loan reporting system, collateral tracking system, risk management system, and funds transfer analysis.

The Challenge
Being a relatively new division of the company, access to analytical applications to help drive the company’s direction was limited. As the company grew, the business understood that the reporting and analytical needs were lacking. To continue growing at such a pace while maintaining a solid portfolio and effectively managing the business would require a best-practice reporting and analytical environment. The first phase of the BI/DW application delivery would concentrate on the core business while future planned applications will support decision making in ancillary business departments and provide executives with a daily snapshot of business trends and operational measures. CBIG helped define and prioritize the direction the lending group would march, define best practices, design best-in-breed and extensible architectures, and assist implementing all the Business Intelligence solutions.

Methodology and Solution
CBIG consultants assisted the client on the design and build of the ETL and Cleanse process, of the DW/BI database and the end-user reporting applications. CBIG also assisted the client with several operational information repositories for downstream use for analytical needs. The systems load information from their internal commercial loan process application, collateral systems and external funds transfer service providers and then aggregates and summarizes loan performance measures, asset summaries, Basel II compliant risk assessment, loan status and performance, collateral tracking and analysis, and funds transfer reports to a web-based application for business users to plan, manage and analyze the business.

The architecture and design of the application was designed to scale and extend to others areas of the business and include an enterprise

Customer Profile
The client is a Chicago-based securities and financial services company. The commercial lending division markets and administers commercial loads to a global customer base.

Business Situation
The client needed to create a user-friendly and scalable reporting and analytical environment to support and manage a quickly growing business.


  • Oracle 9i
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Advanced Commercial Banking
  • System
  • Cognos ReportNet
  • Microsoft.Net
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