Customer Master Data Management Makes Big Impact

Founded in 1915, this organization is a worldwide pharmaceutical enterprise focusing on treatments relating to neurological and psychiatric disorders.  Some of their more well-known drugs treat depression, epilepsy, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  The organization currently has research and production facilities throughout the world, including Japan, China, and the U.S.

The Challenge
Our client authorized the CBIG Consulting team to implement the CBIG Life Sciences MDM™ solution by analyzing, developing, and constructing a master data management architecture that would better serve both sales operations and internal HQ processes, as well as feed external pharmaceutical partners based on co-promotion arrangements.  Key challenges included standardizing, cleansing, and merging over twenty data sources into a “single version of the truth,” publishing data to downstream applications including, developing automated data consolidation and integration processes, eliminating overlapping processes, and governing business rules and metrics throughout the organization.

Methodology and Solution
CBIG’s Life Sciences MDM™
approach is meant to act as a vertical MDM solution within a larger picture, developed to specifically target data management, operational, and business intelligence issues within the Life Sciences industry.  Taking advantage of this head start, the CBIG team studied the client’s existing MDM processes to determine what could be improved or added to better support business functions in the following areas:  customer identification, field change request processing, incentive compensation processes, sales force alignment, roster management, forecast integration, sales goal tracking, product roll-up, market basket definition, marketing/market research and external data vendor integration.  CBIG then developed the organization’s data warehouse foundation and business intelligence solution using the new MDM solution as one of the key sources of information.

The second part of the approach included integrating MDM bi-directionally to downstream systems including Veeva (, and governing the data through its entire lifecycle, from inception/definition to consumption.  Because the firm has strict compliance guidelines and government regulations tied to doctor and patient privacy, CBIG facilitated the establishment of a strict governance framework ensuring that all necessary parties were able to approve rules and definitions before roll-out.

Finally, the team added a data warehouse and interactive dashboards that feed from the solution to help management stakeholders and sales teams become more strategic and effective.


  • Implemented all keys systems based on an aggressive schedule build around a product approval and launch
  • Reduced the implementation costs by leveraging existing technologies and eliminated the need for costly multi-million dollar software solutions
  • Achieved a single master data source used to feed all areas of the business, fed from over twenty internal and external feeds
  • Complied with partnership agreements by generating accurate data feeds required to be shared with pharmaceutical alliance partners
  •  Reduced manual processes by 90%+.
  • Enabled regulatory compliance with centralized data with full source lineage
  • Built a best-in-class architectural foundation that can be scaled to meet the growing needs of the organization
  • Instilled confidence in the sales force by providing easily accessible dashboards that provide the trusted information at the right time


  • SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Database
  • QlikView 11
  • Jitterbit 5
  • (Veeva)
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