Analytics that Transform Health Care Delivery

The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and recent Medicare/Medicaid program expansions in states throughout the U.S. have effectively given millions of previously uninsured individuals and families access to affordable healthcare insurance, and, by extension, healthcare that before 2014 seemed unattainable for many. This has produced a sea change in the healthcare sector which continues to evolve and grow, with particular regard for leveraging the capabilities of data analytics and Electronic Health Records (EHR) technology to improve patient health and reduce overall costs.

Population Health Management and Value Based Reimbursement

On behalf of our healthcare clients, CBIG’s healthcare analytics consultants are at the forefront of the healthcare technology field developing Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics initiatives that reconsider the traditional models of healthcare delivery that providers, payers and consumers have relied on in the past. With an entire spectrum of services—from assessments, strategies, and roadmaps through solution design, development, and delivery—CBIG’s aim is to help our clients shift toward new methodologies that better address the latest challenges of Population Health Management and Value Based Reimbursement to achieve better outcomes. Our services address the following challenges:

  • Measuring the true costs of care delivery;
  • Designing and adapting delivery system solutions that target new objectives: developing personalized health and wellness programs, successfully meeting financial needs of both providers and consumers, improving clinical outcomes, and giving healthcare providers and payers the means to measure customer segments and gauge sentiment, thereby improving customer satisfaction;
  • Working with payers as preferred partners;
  • Integrating both clinical and claims data together.

Before the ACA went into effect, few providers or payers ever had to consider, let alone manage, such a complicated set of concerns. CBIG’s healthcare analytics consulting services combines our data management expertise and healthcare experience to help healthcare providers crack this data integration/analytics code to adapt to more advanced and beneficial value-based reimbursement models, with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) as a big part of the solution. In 2013, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that from 2008 to 2012, doctors’ use of EHRs rose from 17% to over 50%, and hospitals’ use of EHRs jumped from 9% to over 80%.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

This development has also been key to our groundbreaking work in developing successful Accountable Care Organization (ACO) systems that consolidate and coordinate all pertinent information for one patient who requires services from different providers that don’t reside under one provider umbrella, and don’t use the same information systems. CBIG helps clients with this challenging task, designing a useful repository within a data structure that can integrate a wide variety of data. In terms of helping to improve healthcare for the benefit of all, now and with an eye toward the future, CBIG’s healthcare analytics services can help providers resolve the following issues:

  • Establishing more precise patient registries;
  • Coordinating effectively between care team and patient, and determining patient-provider attribution;
  • Monitoring and measuring clinical and cost metrics, and tracking specific outcomes, and engaging in risk-management outreach;
  • Establishing and adhering to clinical practice guidelines, including patient engagement, communications, and education;
  • Acquiring and integrating pertinent external clinical, demographic, socio-economic, and geographical data.



In October, 2014 CBIG was named aTop 20 Most Promising Healthcare Technology Consulting Firm by CIO Reveiw.




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