Big Data / Business Intelligence for Manufacturing

Enterprises dedicated to supporting other businesses with industrial / commercial goods and services play a critical role in the operations and supply chains of the firms they serve. And to that end, CBIG is ideally positioned to help make sure that partnership is successful. Our consultants work alongside industrial manufacturing and distribution enterprises to integrate, consolidate and analyze business-critical information from often disparate systems including financial systems, operational systems and sensors, ERP systems, CRM systems, logistics and transportation management systems, and others.

Whether your goal is to better capture and analyze manufacturing and product quality metrics, or track and improve the supply chain and movement of goods to end users, or dig deep into marketing and sales performance and opportunities, CBIG’s consultants have the experience and know-how to design and deploy next-generation BI/DW/Big Data analytics technologies that add measurable value to your enterprise, and the businesses you support.

Representative clients:

Industrial Business Intelligence Clients
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