Big Data / BI Consulting for Life Sciences

A growing customer base with access to affordable healthcare—combined with exciting new developments in disease treatments and healthcare technology—creates virtually unlimited opportunities within the Life Sciences sector to take advantage of the power of Big Data and Business Intelligence. CBIG Consulting gives pharmaceutical and medical device enterprises pioneering tools to yield increased value from patient level data, keep the cost of doing business manageable, apply operational efficiencies, and implement more targeted sales and marketing programs.

CBIG’s Life Sciences team members connect the Big Data/Business Intelligence dots to the unique space that the Life Sciences industry occupies within the healthcare world. Exploiting the vast opportunities that lie within the data generated from R&D activities, government regulatory compliance, patient level/clinical operations, and marketing and sales processes. Guiding Life Sciences enterprises in navigating appropriate pathways to incorporate advanced technology, CBIG has developed pre-built service modules and proven tools that utilize best practice solutions, including but not limited to the following use cases:

  • Deploy strategic toolsets that support Sales Analytics, Marketing, Market Research, Brand Management, Forecasting, Competitive Intelligence, and Incentive Compensation;
  • Develop an end-to-end solution, establishing a best-practice infrastructure relating to Data Operations, from data acquisition and data quality management (DQM), to exchange with third party partners and other entities;
  • Achieve bi-directional data Integration with cloud platforms such as, with data supporting CLM (closed loop marketing), medical inquiry tracking, call activity, change request tracking, and product sampling reports;
  • Effectively integrate and analyze detail-rich patient-level data to gain invaluable, actionable intelligence ahead of the competition;Design and implement Sales Operations data support services for Call Planning, Sales Force Alignment (re-alignment), Incentive Compensation, Sampling, Customer Segmentation, Roster Management, Fleet Management, Event Tracking, and Sunshine Act compliance.

In common with many of CBIG’s advanced vertical service offerings, CBIG’s Life Sciences services offer the following deliverables to address the challenges of both incorporating new BI/Big Data initiatives or enhancing existing processes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Assessment and Roadmap Services.
  • Master Data Management assessment and build-out with out-of-the-box support for standard use cases, including customer, product, and payer.
  • Data Governance Services – Definition & Establishment; Full Data Warehouse build-out to support enterprise and external data integration with third parties including MedPro, specialty pharmacies, AMA, and other pharmaceutical data source providers.
  • In-house procedures to track valuable information rather than paying for data from third-party data providers. Data that may not currently be tracked internally includes the hard and soft costs related to doctor/provider sales efforts in accordance with the Sunshine Act.

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