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What if your doctor could tie together the latest studies, clinical trials, government health data, and environmental data with your own medical record, including your genomic identity and genetic anomalies, to develop a specific health treatment program just for you? It’s now widely accepted that Big Data can significantly transform health care delivery and improve outcomes for patients everywhere. The burning question was how to help medical research facilities and hospital systems tap into the enormous treasure trove of downloadable, applicable data and integrate it with patient electronic medical records to create more precise treatment programs that would best serve an individual’s health needs. Since our human ability to process this amount of information doesn’t hold a candle to the current capabilities of big data’s processing power, we developed CBIG Integrated Healthcare™ services to effectively solve this challenge.

CBIG’s objective in creating CBIG Integrated Healthcare™ services was to provide our healthcare client enterprises and caregivers a more accurate methodology for correctly identifying diagnoses and selecting more personalized health treatments on behalf of their patients—treatments that would statistically have a much better chance for efficacy the first time around. And, these diagnoses and treatments would in turn reduce readmissions as well as costs.

healthcare data analytics architectureCBIG’s Integrated Healthcare™ service approach effectively captures and filters astronomical amounts of available, downloadable data from entities such as the CDC, NIH, NCI, FDA, HHS, CMS, as well as many academic institutions. We integrate this genomic, pharmacogenomics, proteomic, clinical, environmental, and other available data to predict clinical and biological phenotypes. Next we provide the required analysis necessary to integrate clinical and research data with a patient’s unique electronic medical record to provide the most salient treatment options, thus providing caregivers with more individualized, breakthrough solutions tailored to a patient’s unique circumstances.

Our work for enterprises through our healthcare business intelligence practice provides us with substantial expertise relating to the inherent complexity of healthcare data systems. CBIG is also committed to maintaining the highest standards, in keeping with our best practices trademark approach, all the while assuring information security and regulatory compliance. Toward this end, CBIG’s healthcare service development team has developed strategic partnerships with leading software and hardware vendors who also have extensive knowledge of the needs of health care providers. Our partners are proficient in Health Information Exchange (HIE) software solutions that allow for the integration of EMRs (electronic medical records) and other data across many different facilities. We think this approach results in a more successful, thorough solution that gives researchers, clinicians, and physicians the means to make better decisions based on a manageable amount of highly filtered and relevant information.

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integrated healthcare data analytics
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