Spirit of Agile Development Preserving the Spirit of Agile
Let’s start at the beginning – why did your enterprise convert from Waterfall to Agile? Was it peer pressure, or a matter of keeping up with the Joneses, or a little of both? In our experience, many people have confessed they switched to Agile because… Download the complete paper, “Preserving the Spirit of Agile.”
BI Reporting Don’t Let Your DBA Be a Bottleneck
Picture this scenario: An Oracle employee meets with a client who says their database is slow, and upon investigation the employee learns the client has not taken advantage of Oracle’s optimized features… Download the complete paper, “Don’t Let Your DBA Be a Bottleneck.”
BI Reporting Sensor Data Analytics – Can You Afford To Ignore It?
As recently as a decade ago, who would have thought that by combining data from automobile sensors with weather readings and traffic data, insurance companies could gain a better situational understanding of… Download the complete paper, “Sensor Data Analytics – Can You Afford To Ignore It?.”
Data Mining Techniques Data Mining Techniques
This document defines the different types of data mining techniques (Neural Networks, Cluster Detection, Visualization, etc.) and describes how data mining may be used (Estimation, Affinity Grouping, Target Marketing, etc.) by various organizations. Download the complete paper, “Data Mining Techniques.”
BI Reporting The Business Continuum
A continuum exists along which business questions relate to the business. That continuum ranges from the extreme operational end to the extreme strategic end. Just as managers ask questions all along the business continuum, BI is responsible for answering those questions along the business continuum. Reports, queries, and analyses can all answer operational, tactical, or strategic questions… Download the complete paper, “The Business Continuum: BI Operational, Tactical, and Strategic Reporting.”

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