life sciences customer mdm

CBIG Life Sciences MDM™ thought leaders understand that life science executives require accurate data to more effectively target and serve their customers.  The CBIG Life Sciences MDM™ solution was developed by our CBIG MDM™ Consuling team and CBIG’s health care subject matter experts to improve customer master data management practices within the life sciences business sectors.

If a doctor is on a do-not-call list, leaves or is added to a practice, or if a medical practice relocates or adds a new location in another territory, your sales team requires this information.  If your Sales Operations department lacks timely metrics on which health care professionals are writing prescriptions for your products and your competitor’s products, your sales force is at an extreme disadvantage. To pull these valuable data strands out cleanly, the best solution involves developing your own appropriate governance practices, business process rule sets, and best-in-class technology platforms to establish an adaptable, single master source of customer information to enable more accurate sales call plans and customer analysis.

The CBIG Life Sciences MDM™ solution is a more intelligent, industry-specific approach to obtaining timely and accurate information that enables better target lists and call plans segmentation, and maximizes efficiency and effectiveness of your pharmaceutical field sales teams.  CBIG’s goal with the CBIG Life Sciences MDM™ solution is two-fold:

  1. Jump-start or improve existing customer MDM architectures; and
  2. Provide a cost effective solution to quickly provide value to your executives and sales force.

By taking advantage of CBIG Life Sciences MDM™ solution architecture, your business can reduce both the time and financial resources necessary to deploy your MDM initiative, thereby achieving a significantly better return on your sales operations investments.

The CBIG Life Sciences MDM™ solution was conceived and designed as a value-added, vertical alternative to our CBIG MDM™ service offering.  As such, it has the built-in infrastructure to work in tandem with CBIG’s Data Governance™ and CBIG Cloud™ services.


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