In this digital age, knowing where you stand—with your customers, with your sales and operations teams, and especially among your competition—is fundamental to effective planning for future success. Our CBIG Benchmark™ services are specifically designed to help your enterprise discover what’s really going on, both within your organization and throughout your industry.

CBIG Benchmark™ services and solutions go way beyond traditional benchmarking methodology, by giving your organization the advanced tools it needs to triangulate and explore the intersecting relationships between internal data assets with relevant external data, market research data and competitive intelligence dataCBIG Benchmark™ services give businesses the ability to put all types of data in play, from internal customer purchasing, customer service, market research, pricing structure and promotional data, to external census, geographic, social media, public domain, and competitive data.

CBIG Benchmark™ — A Smarter Approach to Business Benchmarking


With CBIG Benchmark™ solutions that leverage proven practices in comparative data analysis, your business gains the ability to make logical connections from disparate sources. Determine what strategies are working for your business, as well as pinpoint areas that don’t measure up or require adjustments. Learn how your competition is handling similar issues within your industry and develop more profitable courses of action for your enterprise based on these findings.

Our CBIG Benchmark™ services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Key profitability and cost advantages
  • Organizational structure assessments
  • Operational benchmarking reports
  • Sales strategy benchmarking
  • Retail strategies and initiatives
  • Brand and product evaluation
  • Competitive R&D efforts
  • Go to Market strategies
  • Competitive sales structure
  • Distribution capabilities
  • Competitive R&D efforts
  • Plant assessments
  • Pricing assessments
  • Supply chain analysis

Strengthen & defend your competitive position by staying apprised of changes, opportunities, risks:

  • Early Warning 2020 – ongoing external market and competitive action monitoring to keep you appraised, informed and ahead
  • Escalating action-oriented insight and intelligence of key changes or issues based on the assumptions, opportunities and threats in your business plans so you can Stay Out in Front
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