Onshore BI Software Development

A more professional, competitive on-shore alternative to offshore software development

CBIG ADC™ — our American Development Center — is a multi-tiered initiative designed to provide a more professional, competitive on-shore alternative to offshore software development efforts conducted overseas while generating high-level BI/DW jobs in the U.S. We accomplish this by recruiting and training American IT college students and recent graduates to create an on-shore renaissance of software innovation and ingenuity in the BI/Big Data analytics space.

CBIG ADC™ was conceived to better serve our clients in response to new data indicating offshore software development services have significantly more hidden costs and challenges than previously calculated or understood. Behind the curtain of offshore software companies, explosive growth and increased competition have resulted in excessive turnover rates, communication problems, inconsistent methods and poor work product. Language and communication barriers as well as inconveniently large time differences between day-to-day business operations on offshore projects are all too common examples. Working through the simpler logistics of on-shore software development creates a domino effect toward solving these negative byproducts of offshore software development that inevitably drive up the cost of technology.

Recognizing the window of opportunity before them, CBIG Principals fully embrace the idea that creating a more cost-effective on-shore software development model while fostering meaningful careers here in the U.S. makes absolute sense. CBIG ADC™ doesn’t duplicate the offshore model — it takes it to a better place, so to speak — by developing alliances with higher education institutions, recruitment resources and our own customers to create opportunities that benefit everyone. Training, mentoring and skill development are crucial in avoiding staff turnover, and CBIG is committed to owning the learning curve expense and guaranteeing the professional standards and quality of work produced.

Within the American Development Center CBIG employs strategies to promote project and individual success, including pairing low level staff with senior team members to gain experience, and providing consulting and technology training and certification for career advancement. It’s a win-win scenario, solving the problem for U.S. businesses that need to continue to do more with less and drive down the cost of technology, and creating rewarding BI/DW jobs for college students and young adults.


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