As Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data solutions in the Cloud become an increasingly viable option for today’s organizations, CBIG offers a range of services to address this need. Whether you are looking for cloud-based analytics, researching full-scale Cloud service providers, or seeking assistance in navigating the changing landscape, CBIG is here to help. The CBIG Cloud™ Analytics Services team is your expert resource for making the most of what BI in the Cloud has to offer.

CBIG has developed our Cloud Services offering to seamlessly integrate with each of our clients’ unique requirements. The advantage CBIG Cloud Service provides is the ability to expand or contract computing resources based on demand so you only pay for what you need.


Our BI Cloud service offerings include but are not limited to the following:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Integration Let a CBIG architect build your custom or preconfigured solution in one of AWS’s business intelligence or data warehouse platforms.
Microsoft Azure Integration Work with a CBIG architect to build your custom or preconfigured analytics solution in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.
CBIG Cloud™ Platform More than just a service provider, CBIG offers our clients a secure, fully-managed, preconfigured platform to host analytic solutions. CBIG uses best-in-class, commercially-licensed Cloud integration tools as well as protected data transmissions. Clients are provided a dedicated online portal for their private use.
Master Data & Data Quality Services Gain control of your organization’s shared data with a hosted Master Data Management solution. CBIG will cleanse, match, and merge your data in a secure cloud. In addition, a custom portal for ongoing data maintenance can be provided.
Analytic Accelerators Choose from an array of pre-built analytics solutions that can be implemented in a matter of weeks, not months.

  • Social Media Accelerator: Use awareness of social media sentiment to evaluate and influence business decisions.
  • Sensor Data Accelerator: Integrate data from remote sensors, smart grids, and other recording technology into real-time business analysis.
Proof of Concept Use small-scale or experimental projects to quantify value and gain acceptance prior to implementation.
Rapid Enablement Kick start your project in the cloud while your infrastructure is being built; migrate back when ready.
Custom Solutions Plug in your own toolset to the AWS, Azure, or CBIG Cloud™ platform to take advantage of elastic, demand-driven computing infrastructure.

Whether it’s through Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or our CBIG Cloud™ platform, our Cloud Analytics Services team’s mission is to move your business forward with access to data, dashboards, and other analytics via any web-enabled device, from anywhere, and at any time. CBIG’s Cloud Service experts are committed to the larger goal of helping our clients achieve advantageous business intelligence by moving data at lightning speed, making intelligent connections, and expanding their competitive lead within their respective markets.

About our CBIG Cloud™ Analytics Platform


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