Using simpler, more organic steps, our CBIG Lean™ analytics solution takes advantage of the processing power and performance of Data Warehouse Appliance (DWA) technology. Beginning with the acquisition of all available data, not just slices of data, and applying principles of real-time computing, the CBIG Lean™ solution allows permutations of the source data using virtual snapshots, not the physical data itself.

In today’s business climate, speed does matter. The CBIG Lean™ solution gives stakeholders much faster access and overall control of their data, in real time. Other benefits:

  • Rapid Changes/Modifications are Straightforward—add new data sources quickly with less complicated architecture and supply chain; rapidly change insight layers since they’re virtual; reduce modification delivery from months to days, and even hours in many cases;
  • Decreased Project Cost—greatly reduce or eliminate design and development fees from developers; greatly reduce or eliminate ETL licensing fees;
  • Reduced Maintenance—lower need and number of necessary staff production support due to less complicated framework; resolve problems faster; flexible options for support locations;
  • Increased Functionality—since all data is available, business units can consume information on their own terms, when they’re ready; the full self-service capacity means business units no longer depend on IT for report, dashboard, or analysis generation; evolve into a true self-service environment with little IT involvement.

What About Higher “Three V” (Big Data) Requirements?

There is a natural inflection point in the life of a BI solution, however, when significantly more volumes and variety of data will be needed at faster speeds. Aimed at fine-tuning or supplementing existing enterprise BI frameworks (with less expensive commodity hardware), our CBIG Lean™ solution is fully scalable and accommodates Big Data components, such as Hadoop technology, greatly extending the life of our clients’ CBIG Lean™ solution investment. With the added benefits of Hadoop technology, our CBIG Lean™ analytics solution can:

  • Maintain speed, functionality, and flexibility—additional architecture allows for exponential increases to “Three V” processing power
  • Greatly extend the life of your DWA technology investment
  • Significantly increase amounts and types of available source data
  • Lower overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Place data in the appropriate data store for the intended use – avoid overspending and overstressing high performance analytic environments with unused or extraneous data types
  • Provide for data exploration and discovery without impacting the core BI application performance
  • Continuously balance data assets to the most appropriate storage level to optimize performance and reduce TCO
  • Leverage the same concepts as our base CBIG Lean™ solution so the work done to define business rules, data filters… can be reused and kept consistent across platforms
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