True Precision Marketing. Is it really possible? Absolutely. For our customers, building a better, stronger marketing operation means combining sound marketing principles with the latest advancements in Big Data and data science. Combining CBIG’s award-winning BI innovations with a sharper, client-focused perspective, our CBIG Marketing™ analytics service is a cutting-edge market evaluation methodology with a big-picture focus: we help our clients understand the past, calculate where they are now, and then more accurately forecast a growing, prosperous future.

CBIG Marketing™ analytics was conceived and developed by CBIG’s team of data science leaders—leaders who not only specialize in marketing analytics for a living, but who have also spent a good part of their careers working on the client side of business intelligence. CBIG Marketing™ analytics is not a static short-term project with a set end date. Rather, in partnership with your marketing team, our marketing analytics consultants plan, design, and implement a marketing analytics program within a sustainable data-driven environment, providing ongoing service and support to promote better performance, efficiency and more nimble responses to changing dynamics. Enterprises can now more precisely calculate customer sentiment, correctly spot new trends, or use data-centric research to increase brand or product awareness on a continuing basis.

CBIG Marketing™ analytics’ focus areas include but are not limited to determining:

  • market size, forecasts, trends, and segments
  • brand awareness, preference, and loyalty rates
  • pricing and purchase dynamics (see CBIG Price™ optimization service)
  • product/service concerns

Toward that end, our CBIG Marketing™ analytics service leverages the following assessment tools to gain insight:

  • Segmentation analysis
  • Statistical regression analysis
  • Social network analysis
  • Machine learning and pattern recognition
  • Trend/time-series econometrics
  • Customer-level profit analysis (see CBIG Churn™ optimization)
  • Potential assessment and planned migration (see CBIG Churn™ optimization)
  • Scenario/sensitivity modeling
  • And others…

Because this service is ongoing, CBIG Marketing™ analytics involves periodic evaluations to measure effectiveness, with improvements and adaptations as necessary to maintain viability. Customers who experience concrete results can also add our CBIG Competitive™ intelligence service. This companion service takes these sophisticated marketing analytics to the next level by further measuring how their business stacks up against the competition in terms of organizational structure, products, pricing, and marketing strategies.

Just Getting Started?

If you’re just getting started down the marketing analytics path we offer interactive workshops and roadmap planning sessions using our proven CBIG Discovery™ approach.

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