One misconception surrounding BI and Big Data initiatives is that once they’re in place, enterprises can sit back, relax and reap the rewards with minimal negative effects.  The truth is more complex.  Without strategic planning, Big Data initiatives can create unintended, long-term effects that negatively impact an enterprise’s overall organizational structure as well as its individual business units.

This is where our CBIG Organization™ service can help. CBIG Organization™ is an essential, proactive strategic planning service that takes the crucial Type-A, what-if look at how these new processes will affect the day-to-day running of your business operations.  Dissecting the big picture into smaller bits—including all the business units that could be potentially impacted by change—our CBIG Organization™ strategists help enterprises identify and build a Center of Excellence that effectively aligns IT and Business departments with new BI, Big Data, and DW processes.

CBIG Organization™ enables your business to place its operations and organization under a microscope in terms of how technology, data, business applications, data governance protocols, and roles and responsibilities might shift and change, before those changes occur. Our CBIG Organization™ strategy specialists also facilitate your business plan for minimizing disruptions as you shift operations, roles and responsibilities once processes become more automated or moved to other business units. CBIG Organization™ creates that much-needed blueprint to measure and compare current business processes against future initiatives, with key tasks and activities that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Gather and document current organization information;
  • Prepare for interview and focus group sessions, as appropriate;
  • Identify and record cross-organization titles, roles and responsibilities, beyond the key stakeholder contingent;
  • Document existing departmental involvement in data/information flow;
  • Identify major organizational structures to be affected by the BI strategy;
  • Define the framework for the appropriate BI organization structure or model.

Our CBIG Organization™ planning services also provide your business with benefits with key deliverables and tools to measure and manage your success:

  • Organizational charts (enterprise-wide, to the required level of detail)
  • Current role/responsibility matrix
  • Information delivery flow diagram, linked to the roles/responsibility matrix
  • Preliminary Proposed (desired state) role/responsibility matrix/diagram
  • Preliminary Proposed  organization (including BI application focus groups and other input constituents)
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