In the realm of Big Data analytics, getting to the heart of Who, What, When, Where and Why is crucial to developing future strategies for success.  And nowhere is developing a complete story more important than in the land of Marketing and Sales, in which improving sales volume, market share and profits are the ultimate goals. These five elements—Who, What, When, Where and Why—form the basis of our CBIG Sales™ analytics service, an advanced methodology that is specifically designed to provide the answers our client enterprises need to improve sales and profitability.

Identify, Target and Track. This is what Big Data does best, and what many sales teams need the most. CBIG Sales™ analytics gives organizations the capability to discover who is buying, what they’re buying, when and where they buy, and reasons why they bought in the first place. Delving into this data, from tracking product, seasonal, locational, and demographic preferences to measuring sales teams’ individual efforts offers businesses a more comprehensive, relevant, and real-time picture of sales data in relation to what’s being sold—or not sold—and why. CBIG Sales™ analytics services empower companies to identify, target and track these important clues to increase supply in favorable markets, target other potential markets to create more demand, provide more constructive sales training if necessary, stay the course on popular products, or make a course correction and eliminate poor-selling items.

CBIG Sales™ analytics service provides invaluable sales insights to help businesses validate and improve current sales practices, and on the flip side can help companies better understand why their sales endeavors may not be working so well, highlighting solutions to make positive changes. CBIG Sales™ analytics can be deployed alone or function in tandem with CBIG’s other strategic services that include Marketing Analytics, Competitive Intelligence, and Data Monetization. If your retail or commercial business wants to understand the real story behind what’s driving your sales numbers, CBIG Sales™ analytics service can help, with long-term benefits that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Put your sales people in the right place at the right time to maximize profitability;
  • Identify customer buying patterns: How much they spend, when they spend, when they return;
  • Identify buying trends by location, demographics, and time of year;
  • Identify which products sell and which products aren’t as successful;
  • Identify and track successful sales efforts over time to measure long-term effectiveness;
  • Track sales behaviors, and measure results: share that intelligence with other sales people, and base improvement efforts on training developed from the most successful salespeople’s tactics and approach vs. less successful sales people;
  • Identify, target, and track most lucrative opportunities for up-sell, cross-sell and switch-sell deployments.

Just Getting Started?

If you’re just getting started down the sales analytics path we offer interactive workshops and roadmap planning sessions using our proven CBIG Discovery™ approach.

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