For most businesses, repeat business is mission critical, and so is being able to strategize and stay several moves ahead of the competition through best-in-class CRM / Salesforce practices.

If your company has invested in a CRM application such as Salesforce.com, our CBIG CRM™ analytics services team can assist your stakeholders in winning more deals, increasing customer loyalty and reducing selling costs. The CBIG CRM™ analytics and integration framework is designed to supplement and customize applications like Salesforce.com, exploiting untapped, undeveloped capabilities within your product to help your organization maximize your investment


Data Integration & Reporting

  • If your business struggles with getting data into or out of Salesforce.com, our CBIG CRM™ anlaytics team has the solution—getting the right data flowing into or out of your Salesforce.com instance has never been easier with CBIG’s data integration expertise that leverages the power of Jitterbit, Salesforce.com’s preferred integration tool.
  • Unite data from across the company with the dashboards embedded within Salesforce.com. With best-in-class reporting solutions, CBIG can ensure important company data is made available from within the CRM application. Track fastest growing accounts by revenue and volume, and add website analytics to measure activity and social media analytics to measure customer sentiment.

CRM Analytics

  • Ensure your business account plan is set up so your sales teams call on the right customers or prospects, and improve the quality of your sales calls to win more deals. CBIG’s analytic accelerators for CRM are designed to marry the data in Salesforce.com with downstream and external data to drive innovation into the sales cycle.
  • Track Revenue vs. Goals by time, market, product, geography, or customer type. Track fastest growing customer segments, customer loyalty, or measure field-generated leads vs. marketing-generated leads. Overlay sales activity with demographics information or other external data. When you know the right metrics to focus on, your business can be confident that its sales efforts are functioning at the highest level.

Operational Data Management

  • If the quality of your Customer or Product data is suffering, CBIG’s proven data management solutions can cleanse, match, and merge Salesforce.com data for a single version of the truth.
  • Get help in determining if your organization has the people and processes in place to ensure the success of your sales team with CBIG’s deep experience in establishing a proper data governance framework.

Discover what other businesses have been able to accomplish with the CBIG CRM™ analytics solution, and apply it to your own enterprise’s CRM initiative for a better return on your investment. CBIG’s analytics specialists are especially enthusiastic about this latest advancement and invite your enterprise’s stakeholders to see it in action.

For more information, or to make an appointment for a personal CBIG CRM™ demonstration, please complete our contact form above.

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