Virtually all successful BI and Big Data initiatives have one crucial component in common:  a sound solution architecture based on proven principles in data science and data warehousing.  Our CBIG Architecture™ planning services can help your organization design a robust, sustainable solution architecture that fully supports your current business requirements, with an eye toward future expansion as your needs grow and change.

Avoid the shortsighted solution that tries to fit a square peg in a round hole. In order to provide the most appropriate solution for your business, CBIG Architecture™ planning products and services are based on vendor-neutral, best practices in BI, DW and Big Data infrastructure design.  Because CBIG’s solution architecture team isn’t tied down to one specific hardware, storage or software product, we have the freedom to determine the types of technology that best fit your organization’s requirements, leveraging and building on existing tech assets whenever possible .

Based on a thorough review and understanding of your enterprise’s business goals, Our CBIG Architecture™ teams get to work in establishing the backbone of your BI or Big Data initiative, whether it’s intended as a use case your business can build on for future endeavors or in conjunction with an enterprise-wide solution. This involves developing the necessary logical and physical data models, ETL scripts, metadata definitions and models, queries and reports, schedules, work processes, and maintenance procedures your business users will depend on to help improve profitability and maintain a strong competitive edge.

Most industry sectors—such as healthcare, finance, retail, and life sciences, for example—share Big Data targets and goals among competing firms.  However, each of these organizations is often very different in terms of where they land on the big data evolution spectrum. Depending on where your enterprise sits on this scale, our CBIG Architecture™ planning team can offer a number of sustainable solution architecture options to help your firm build on and strengthen its BI and Big Data foundation, with services and products that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Needs Assessment to evaluate business requirements, future goals, and existing tech/data assets;
  • Architecture and strategy documentation;
  • Use-case analysis and recommendations;
  • Capacity planning analysis;
  • Design development guidelines;
  • Ongoing management, evaluation, and benchmarking tools.


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